Marina- Mosman Piano Tutor

Marina is an artist working in theatre, performing arts schools, and as an independent Producer and Director across Australia. Her performance and teaching dance, music, and cultural studies span thirty-eight years. Recently, Marina has completed her academic studies for the Bachelor of Education for Early Years Learning and has worked as an Educator for over fifteen years in Sydney. Marina has completed her seventh Grade AMEB and studied towards an Associate level pianoforte. She attended the South Australian Conservatorium and The School of Music studying Theory of Music and Composition. Marina gained a scholarship to study percussion, cello, and oboe, and whilst traveling the world studied with local musicians to play world music instruments, for example, panderetta, cajon, and castanets. 

Marina aims to bring the passion of music in a holistic program. The classes provide students of all levels the joy of exploration, creativity, and skill acquisition. Students are encouraged and scaffolded in their learning, approaching each class with differentiated strategies, meeting the needs of each student to ensure learning how to read and create music becomes an exciting life passion for the young musician and whole family.