Bree – Hornsby-based piano and guitar


With just over 15 years of experience in playing piano, Bree has always had a passion for

music and loves to incorporate it in her life however she can. Having performed live on stage,

playing piano, accompanying on drums and keyboard, as well as in choir and a cappella

ensembles, she has also had fun engaging in recreational guitar playing and has even recently

started a journey of teaching herself how to play the cello. Bree has taught beginner piano

students casually for just over two years, and with her gentle approach and endless patience,

has enjoyed watching her previous student progress wonderfully. As a student of history at

university, it can be difficult to find time to enjoy music as part of every day life, but by

tutoring others and thus sharing the gift of music, Bree enjoys being able to pass on her

musical knowledge and passion to those