Angelica – Piano Teacher specialised in AMEB and teaching in Narraweena, Beacon Hill and Allambie

Angelica Piano Tutor Narraweena

To enquire about Angelica’s spaces call 04012 MUSIC (04012 68742) or contact online.         Angelica is a particularly special teacher of Music Waves! As she was taught by the Founder!

Angelica grew up in Music Waves,  being one of its first students to sit sat advanced level AMEB exams.

She showed exceptional talent throughout her tuition,  sitting numerous piano AMEB exams with honours results,  performing at concerts in Music Waves’ early years and showing diligence in her musicianship and theory studies.

She was mentored personally by the Music Waves Founder,  Rachel Christopher, for over 5 years and trained in teaching methods that work!

Angelica has been tutoring in Narraweena in piano for the last 2 years and now she offers drive-to-you in surrounding suburbs such as Beacon Hill and Allambie.

She has an empathetic and patient disposition, seeking to communicate in such a way as to make kids feel comfortable and accepted.