Ben – Guitar, Bass, Ukelele and drum teacher in Brookvale, Allambie, Beacon Hill and Curl Curl

Ben is a highly talented musician residing in Brookvale in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and doing drive-to-you teaching in Curl Curl, Dee Why, Beacon Hill, Allambie and other surrounding Northern beaches suburbs.

Ben has finished his tertiary Music education at the JMC academy and is now doing a Masers of Teaching (Secondary).

He is a local gig artist,  playing Bass Guitar and Acoustic Guitar.  He has even performed on cruise liners!

Ben has a very patient and kind teaching style.  He is creative,  often writing his own teaching resources from hand so they are tailored to the individual.

Call 04012 MUSIC (04012 68742) to enquire about Ben’s lessons today or contact online here