Dinah – Piano and Keyboard teacher in Seaforth and Balgowlah

dinah-piano-tutor-manly-portraitDinah has been playing the piano for over 14 years. She resides in Seaforth and provides drive-to-you tuition across her province, including Balgowlah,  Fairlight and Clontarf.

She loves working through Movie Theme books such as Amélie and Rue des Cascades, Pocahontas, Pirates of the Caribbean, but she also loves classical music by Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart and Chopin.  She loves her Jazz classics such as, Autumn Leaves and As time goes by.
She has played piano for weddings,  band concerts,   school concerts and even gigs abroad in Scotland.

Dinah is patient, and has over 4 years experience with ages 4-12.  She has tutored in English and French and also worked as a nanny for the last few years.

She has the gift of providing positive spin on everything and creating a fun, child friendly atmosphere to enrich kids’ lives with the piano whilst ensuring proper playing techniques including posture, fingering, foot pedals.

Call or Text 04012 68742 (04012 MUSIC) today to book in with Dinah.