Music Waves School Community Policy

For sustainable service, and in order to offer ongoing stability of service to your child these terms apply:

Weekly Lessons:  Music Waves has 9 week courses/terms each quarter according to our term dates. During the Music Waves school holidays all lessons are paused unless explicitly requested by both teacher and student.  Four weeks notice is required if you wish to discontinue lessons.

Advanced Payment: Lessons must be paid for in advance of your tutor arriving. You will be requested to fill a direct debit form which ensures your term fees are paid on time.

Student lesson no-show:  Less than 24 hours notice may result in forfeiting that lesson.

Where possible, Music Waves will try to schedule a make-up lesson for your cancellation.

A maximum  of one make-up lesson is permitted per student per term.

Due to our congested timetables, make-up lessons often cannot be arranged and the tuition fee for the student cancellation must be forfeited.

Teacher Cancellation of normal lesson: We will contact you as soon as possible to notify you of the teacher’s absence and give you a choice of relief teacher, make up lesson, credit or refund.

Do not solicit tutor contact details:  We ask that you do not ask for the tutor contact details. Just as in a normal school, we respect our  teachers’ privacy. If you have questions or require administrative support, email us or call 0401 268 742 (04012 MUSIC).

Flexibility regarding appointment times:  Please allow up to 15 minutes before or after the scheduled time-slot for your drive-to-you teacher to arrive.  Varying traffic conditions, student needs and parent needs can cause teachers to run late. Safety is our furst priority. Please do not arrange other activities too closely to your piano lesson time.

Adherence to school codes of conduct and workplace safety requests:  Chatting to your teacher outside of your scheduled time can pose a safety hazard for teachers who are driving to mulitple appointments.  Any physical, verbal or emotional incivility will not be tolerated and in such a case of parent or student misconduct, Music Waves reserves the right to discontinue service immediately.

Your home is the studio: You must take responsibility to offer an environment optimal for learning in order to achieve progress.  Music Waves suggests:

  • A quiet, private environment to maximize student focus
  • The student should be ready on their instrument
  • A pencil on/nearby your instrument at all times
  • A music journal/ exercise book where tutor, parents and students can chart learning and progress

Feedback: Feel free to forward your suggestions, comments and requests via email to  All queries from this large community are triaged and treated in an individual nature, with all efforts made to integrate your family’s preferences into the service.

Thank you for partnering with us to preserve the education integrity and sustainability of our learning community.

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to lifelong musicianship skills!

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