Rachel Christopher is the founder and coordinator of Music Waves.

In the beginning….

In 2008,  Rachel Christopher, a quirky statistics nerd and closet pianist,  noticed that many kids in her province were lacking what she always had as a child – playing and reading music.

Playing piano had tied her and her siblings together. Making musicals together,  playing duets together, had kept them out of trouble and got their creative juices flowing.  It comforted and still comforts them through all walks of life.   Music was a healthy way of socializing.  But it was also a way of relaxing and enjoying one’s own company.  Fostering imagination and a problem-solving spirit.

With a passion to reinvigorate the art of Music in her province,  Rachel took the plunge.  She left her  career,  and chased a pursuit to propogate Piano throughout the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

She wanted every household to ring loud with tones and harmonies.   She wanted every child to smile when they ‘got it’ after much persistence.

Rachel’s passion is unstoppable.  Charity concerts and students achieving Honours in AMEB exams is just the start.

Over the last decade Rachel has imparted her nuggets of wisdom to over 50 teachers, who she trains and mentors on an ongoing basis.   She now heads a team of 20 colleagues with one chief mission:  Maximum engagement and musical independence.

Music Waves’ lesson structure, syllabus approach,  student engagement strategies, AMEB exam success and Annual concerts are attributed to Rachel’s methodical design and diversified approach to people management within the education industry.

In addition to teaching students and training teachers, Rachel searches the world of music for the best resources, sheet music, educational software and much more.   The Music Waves School Intranet, was designed and developed by Rachel so that Music Waves’ students have equal access and opportunity to a sea of music educational resources.

A sole parent of a toddler,  Rachel is very empathetic to parents and has maintained that the ethos of Music Waves will always be to tailor options to parents to whereever they are at.

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