Parents: How to enrol your child in an AMEB exam

  • The Australian Music Examinations Board is part of the Board of Studies.
  • The AMEB Syllabus is board approved and taught by Music Waves.
  • At Music Waves we strongly advise piano students to sit the “Piano for leisure” series of grades
  • Most students require 1 year of private lessons to prepare for an exam to pass confidently
  • Each AMEB grade involves learning scales, 3 songs (piano for leisure);  general knowledge; aural testing (recommended) or sight reading.
  • At Music Waves, we suggest that parents directly enrol their child after consultation with their tutor and Music Waves’ advice and guidelines.
  • Note: AMEB does not refund AMEB enrolment fees under any circumstances

Steps to enrol:

  1. Check exam period dates and cut offs at
  2. Visit AMEBConnect website/
  3. Click “Login to AMEB Connect
  4. Click “Get Access”  as a “Private Enroller
  5. “Do you already have an AMEB Teacher or Enroller number?” Click
  6. Fill in your details and then click “Apply”
  7. Login to your new AMEBConnect Profile at AmebConnect Homepage
  8. Click “Enrol a Candidate”
  9. a) If your child has previously sat any AMEB exams in any instrument click “Find a Previous Candidate”    OR    b) If your child has never sat any AMEB events, click “+New Candidate” and fill in your child’s details accurately.
  10.  Which “Session”?

There are 2 main exam periods you can select if you are a North Shore and Northern Beaches student:

–  “06 – Metro 1st Exam Session” : Approx 20 Apr- 8 Jun  ( dates slightly change each year. Enrolment cut-off for 1st session is around mid-Feb).

–  RECOMMENDED “03 – Metro 2nd Exam Session” :  Approx mid Aug – mid Sept,   Enrolment cut-off for 2nd session is 1st week of June;  Period 1 for North Shore;    Period 2 for Northern Beaches (it is assigned according to your postcode).

Music Waves strongly suggests most students enrol in the Metro 2nd Session (Aug/Sept exam).

Only very dedicated and tenacious students, willing to practice min 1-2 hours a week and throughout the first holiday break (ie no family trips) enrol in the Metro 1st session   Their exam can literally be scheduled by the AMEB straight after the Easter Break. You have no choice in the exact date.  You can only advise of black out periods that you cannot attend. But even then, the AMEB takes no responsibility for a clash and offers no guarantees.

11. Which “Subject”

Most students in Music Waves will be doing “Piano for Leisure“.  Only a selected few do straight “Piano” or other instruments.

Piano for Leisure subjects (Please check what book your child is learning from to ensure you select the correct subject

  • 01280 – Piano Leisure Preliminary
  • 01281 – Piano Leisure First Grade
  • 01282 – Piano Leisure Second Grade
  • 01283 – Piano Leisure Third Grade
  • 01284 – Piano Leisure Fourth Grade
  • 01285 – Piano Leisure Fifth Grade

12. “Preferred Venue”?   Clarence St, Wynyard or Sydney Conservatorium 

13.  “Scheduling” You are only allowed to list dates to avoid. You cannot ask for a specific date (and avoid offending the AMEB scheduling staff at all costs!)  If you need as much time as possible to prepare,  I suggest typing “Overseas April 10-May 20”  or “Out of country August” so that the scheduler can tryto avoid the first half of your respective exam session.

14. Click “Add to Basket”  and proceed to credit card screen to pay.

15.  If you realise you have made an error,  email AMEB immediately to avoid being charged error fees.

Important materials supplied by AMEB to help you understand their rules:

AMEB Important dates and cut-offs
AMEB Handbook of policy, rules, fees