What are Music Waves’ term dates?

Music Waves has four equal school terms a year.  Each term is 9 weeks.  9 week terms provide the perfect length to a course to sustain enthusiasm and preserve value-to-you throughout.   View this years current Term Dates.

What does it cost?

Music Waves keeps its rates in line with the award advised by collective music teaching associations.

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for the drive-to- you service.  Also we have DISCOUNTS for families in one household who have multiple lessons back-to-back.

Music Waves’ private lessons are tailored, unlike group lessons, you receive one-to-one attention.  Your teacher will drive-to-you so you can sit at home,  save your precious time, do something for you or observe the REAL PROGRESS and REAL RESULTS in your home.

At what age should my child start learning?

Most will be ready at age 6 for a full half hour of tuition. Still, every child has different cognitive strengths, challenges and attention spans.  Ones that take to mathematics and picking up a system or language will have less cognitive dissonance toward tuition.  If you have a child that is 5 years or younger,  consider asking about 15 minute private lessons or kindermusik group classes.

What happens if I must cancel?

At Music Waves, if you cancel and provide over 24 hours notice  you are given an opportunity to have one make-up lesson given you can reschedule that week.  A maximum of 1 make-up lesson is granted per term. Cancellations that are made within 4 hours of the scheduled lesson are forfeited. Email office@musicwaves.com.au straight at the first sign that you must cancel.

What instrument should I get?

Piano Absolute beginners: a simple 61 key electric keyboard is okay for absolute beginners

Learning piano for more than one year? get a Roland digital piano :  an 88 key digital piano, digital piano (more portable suitable for gigs) or acoustic piano (hunt on gumtree but consider tuning, moving and possible restoration costs.

Can I get my tutor’s private number?

Music Waves has a policy not to disclose the tutors’ numbers to the parents. Music Waves does all the administration and parent correspondence for the tutors so they can have their down-time.

You can text or email the coordinator anytime with all your queries – 0401 268 742.

Whether it be times, scheduling, cancellations, make-up lessons,  rescheduling,  exams, eisteddfods, changing address,  discussing your child’s progress, music literacy or going for school scholarships or school placements, just get in touch on 04012 MUSIC.

Where do I get tuition books from?

Music Waves uses Progressive Piano for Young Beginners Books 1-3 before progressing to the AMEB Board of Studies syllabus for Piano for Leisure.  The books can be ordered online at Mall music.  In order of progression:

    1. Progressive Piano for Young Beginners Book 1 by Gary Turner
    2. Progressive Piano for Young Beginners Book 2 by Gary Turner
    3. Progressive Piano for Young Beginners Book 3 by Gary Turner
    4. A Dozen a Day Preparatory Book(Blue book)
    5. AMEB Preliminary Piano for Leisure Orange series
    6. AMEB Grade 1 Piano for Leisure Purple series or Orange Series
    7. AMEB Grade 2 Piano for Leisure Purple Series 
    8. AMEB Grade 3 Piano for Leisure Orange Series  or Purple Series
    9. AMEB Grade 4 Piano for Leisure Orange Series or Purple Series
    10. AMEB Grade 5 Piano for Leisure Blue Series


    FOR YOUNG GUITAR BEGINNERS please print off free lead sheets online or from our student intranet.

When will my child be ready to sit an exam?

It typically takes a child 1 – 2 years of having lessons to be ready for an exam.   Read more about exams: AMEB   Steps to enrol

How much practice should my child be doing?

In order to preserve the value of your lessons we insist on these guidelines:

  • Beginner Book 1:  Minimum 20mins/week   (eg. 2 x 10 minutes  or 4 x 5 minute sessions)
  • Book 2 Level: Min. 30 mins/week
  • Book 3 Level: Min.  40 mins/ week
  • Preliminary Level: Min.  45 mins/week
  • Grade 1:  min. 1 hour/week
  • Grade 2: Min.  2 hours/week
  • Grade 3: Min. 3 hours/week
  • Grade 4: Min 3 hours/week
  • Grade 5: Min 3 hours/week