Charlotte – Clarinet & Keyboard Teacher, Frenchs Forest

Meet Charlotte Cullum, a seasoned musician with a rich background in the world of music. With seven years of expertise in playing the clarinet, a year of mastery on the cello, and two years dedicated to the ukulele, Charlotte’s musical journey is both diverse and impressive. Her love for music ignited at the age of 8 when she made the pivotal decision to join her school band and embark on the enchanting journey of mastering the clarinet. Drawn to the instrument’s versatile sound and its ability to seamlessly weave between the worlds of orchestra and jazz, Charlotte’s passion for music has been a driving force throughout her life.

As a testament to her commitment and leadership in the musical realm, Charlotte proudly served as the clarinet captain for her high school band. This role not only showcased her musical prowess but also provided her with opportunities to travel on multiple camps and tours. Additionally, she actively engaged in music workshops, sharing her knowledge and love for the art with young, aspiring musicians. Charlotte’s dedication to her craft and her vibrant musical experiences make her a standout presence in any musical setting.

Charlotte is born and bred on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She loves to surf and she has been coaching group surf classes for 3 years. She has a great energy and sense of humour that makes learning fun and vibrant. Charlotte also has extensive experience in band ensembles and band tutoring.

Charlotte is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional music educator with a solid commitment to the social and musical growth of every child. Charlotte does drive-to-you Clarinet and Keyboard tuition in Frenches Forest, Belrose, Forestville, and Davidson.