Grant – Piano Teacher, Newport

Hi, I’m Grant! As a music tutor, my passion for teaching and music is part of every lesson. I believe that patience, adaptability, and an understanding of my student’s needs are essential for effective teaching. With years of experience in performance, music theory, and audio engineering, I take pride in making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable for learners of all ages and skill levels. My goal is not only to help students master their chosen instrument but also to foster a lifelong love for music. I understand the responsibility of teaching someone and am dedicated to nurture their ability by building confidence and inspiring creativity in each of my students.

With a musical journey that began at the age of 14, I have a solid foundation in piano, having been trained in the esteemed Brim Hall method. Some of my musical milestones include completing Grade 3 and Grade AMEB 2, along with two years at the renowned Conservatorium of Music. My musical experience extends beyond the piano, as I have performed in Duos Bands and even had a song reach the top 100 in the Australian Songwriters Awards. On the television production front, I have worked my way through being an invaluable asset at Channel 9 and Channel 10, contributing my expertise as a Camera & Audio Assistant to a diverse array of shows, including variety programs, sports broadcasts, documentaries, and live music events. One of my greatest achievements includes being part of the production team for the Bee Gees Concert at Homebush Stadium, highlighting my ability to excel in high-profile live events.

With an impressive tenure of over three decades, I have dedicated myself to both teaching and performing piano, fostering a deep and enduring passion for music. For anyone in the Newport area eager to explore the world of music, I am readily available to guide and mentor as your music teacher.

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