How to fill out an AMEB form to take to your Practical Exam

notice-of-examinationDear All Teachers and Parents,

Well done you have got to this stage!  Soon your kids will have AMEB accreditation,  a proper independent stamp of approval by the Board of Studies!

You must hand the Notice of Examination Form at every point of contact at your exam centre.

So I suggest you bring these things to your exam:

1)  Your AMEB Book with your songs in it  (no photocopies allowed in AMEB Centre unless for the purpose of preventing a page turn)

2)  Your Notice of Examination Form  (I keep it in my sheet music book)

3) General knowledge notes :I bring 3 pieces of paper with some general knowledge notes on my 3 songs to read over in the waiting room but not to bring into the exam room

Use a BLACK pen.  Try to keep the form looking presentable (ie don’t let the dog munch on it!)

Almost all exams done through Music Waves are “Piano for Leisure” exams that require any three songs from your grade book presented in the order of your choice ( so all Piano for leisure students,  please ignore song D and ignore Song E lines on your form).

I always suggest presenting the song first that gives you the most confidence,  and least likely to have a slip so you have a great start to the exam.

Piano for Leisure students pick Aural OR Sight reading NOT BOTH. 

 [Pianoforte (the other alternative to Piano for Leisure) students are an exception to the rule,  they must do both sight reading and aural.  Pianoforte students also often have to prepare 4 or 5 songs. Music Waves does not prepare students for Pianoforte exams unless the parents have specifically asked to and the student has shown a stand-out enthusiasm for classical music and scales]

All Prelim students sit an Aural exam  (no sight reading tests for Prelim),  so tick the box against Aural.  I also suggest ticking Aural for all Grade 1 students as I think Aural is much easier than the sight reading test at this level.  Except for when some students really really struggle with pitch and have a particular strength in sight reading,  in this rare case I would tick Sight reading and prepare them with some sight reading examples